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Our objective is to help you develop your potential

Cedar Valley Services Inc. has been helping communities in the Minnesota area by providing employment opportunities as well as activities for community living. Our dedicated team focuses on helping individuals with disabilities get their individual as well as social lives back on track using a variety of programs.


Our objectives include:

  • To assess the individual and determine their potential.

  • Through work, training and professional contact, to provide the individual with experience necessary to reach their potential.

  • To place individuals in competitive employment, addressing choice and skills, and to provide follow-up services to insure stability in this competitive employment.

  • To provide extended employment for individuals who presently lack the skills to function in competitive employment.

  • To provide activities where individuals can develop their social and personal potential through meaningful activities.

  • To provide supervised residential services to enable individuals to reach their full potential for community living.

General admission criteria

To take advantage of our services, the general admission criteria are that you should:

  • Be at least 16 years of age

  • Diagnosed disability resulting in vocational or living needs / deficits

  • Have the potential to benefit from services

  • Have the desire to work toward improvement

  • Make the arrangements to pay for services

Wide range of programs for your every need

Based on our assessment, we'll help you choose the right program for you. Our range of programs includes:

  • Extended Employment, which includes assembly, clerical, janitorial, maid service/housekeeping, parts hanging, recycling bulk mail operations, food services, laundry, machine operation, material handling and wood product assembly

  • Day Training & Habilitation, which includes training in daily living, pre-vocational, social and behavioral skills, speech therapy, personal care training and assistance as well as other supportive services

  • Fee Services such as assessment, transitioning training, school-to-work transition and job placement

  • Residential Program offered in Owatonna, which includes waivered residential care under Minnesota DHS Rule 42 by two homes. Referrals should be made through the Owatonna office.

  • Other Services such as mental health vocational programs, senior services and transportation

Don't let your disability stop you from working in a manufacturing or services sector.

Want to know how we can help? Get in touch with us today.


Reach out to us today!

If you're looking for work opportunities in manufacturing or commercial services, get in touch with our corporate office or our offices in Austin, Owatonna, Albert Lea division or Alpha Program in Albert Lea today.


Call 507-433-2303 or our TTY number 507-433-0868 to know more.

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